Hosted by Miguel Vargas y Terrell LaMarr

HIP HOP THURSDAY!! With Ryan Daniel, M.O G, Dezal, Mighty the Gospel Hiphopper, Sounds of Blackness, Jamecia Bennett, Isioma, Troy Williams, Titan Family and Sara Renner!

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Today's program opens with a sequence of Portuguese-speaking groups – from Portugal as well as African & Latin American countries which were colonies of the former Portugal empire… (Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Brasil).  Highlighted by Caetano Veloso's tribute to the abolition of slavery in Brasil on May 13 – 13 de Maio.  Also three tracks from Fatoumata Diawara, who just came back to Minneapolis for another great show at The Cedar… mixed with some new tracks from Rokia Traore's newest release, "Ne' So".  Dealing with topics of recent concern, Islamophobia, war & dislocation bring

Robert Wilkinson, legendary lead singer/guitarist for Flamin' Oh's (earlier Flamingo, Prodigy) joined Spin with Cyn spinning favorite music current and past, that inspires him. He shared songs from his newest record "Here and Now" solo work and unreleased Robert Wilkinson material, in advance of shows over the weekend at O'Gara's and the newly renovated VFW Uptown.


Short sketches from David O'Sullivan's small town radio station in Dipperville, MN.  Hear David also on Malarkey: Radio with an Irish Accent, here on KFAI.