The Curse of 589

A Nobel winning scientist is visited by a faerie and he is taken  by the technology she wields, called a "wand."  A light fantasy for a rainy evening.  Performed by the National Radio Theater of Chicago, written by Norman Corwin, directed by Yuri Rasovki.  Starring William Shatner and Studs Terkel.

Danny Sigelman – author of the new book Heyday: 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis – plays some of his favorite releases of 2016!

No Business… No Business (592)


Again, the listings that don't have all the information, such as album name or record label, are the tracks that were played on the computer. The tunes with complete information come from CDs. I tried to mix spiritual Christmas music with inspirational world music to give a true sense of the meaning of the holiday. 

So, wish each other peace on earth, good will towards all men and when you are out and about this weekend….remember to shake a hand and make a friend.