<p>Juliette Silvers interviews Diane O&#8217;Shaughnessy about retinitis pigmentosa</p>

Afro-Andean dance music, music from Argentina & Brasil – pertaining to recent film screenings @ 35th Annual MSP Int'l. Film Fest (

Next I follow up with music from another former Portuguese colony, Angola.  From Samba to Semba… including a Congolese dance version… ending this week's program with a new release from Cumbancha – Lakou Mizik's "Wa Di Yo", out of Haiti !

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Mill City Sound owner Rob Sheeley joined sharing rare 45s and stories in advance of Record Store Day during the first hour. The 99ers joined at 10:45 – noon spinning their brand new single "Pop Punk Girl" in advance of the release party Thursday, April 21.