Hip Hop & Electronica

Unfortunately, due to a technical fukkup, only 15 minutes of this show appear on our archives.  But not to worry. I will soon have a complete version edited for our FOREVER archives.  Check back here in a few days:


Hosted by Miguel Vargas, with special guest DJ Rambo Salinas!

Producer: Mike Fischbein

News Host: Rico Morales

Music Host:  Dan Darbandi 

Mucho new sounds to be heard in this week’s Chamber, including a guy with the Desmond Dekker-inspired name of Archie Wah Wah, who happens to be guesting on (“Bull-”?) Wackie Jackie’s new self-titled soundcloud.com album upload (which also contains Jackie’s Exodus “Exodub” remix of Bob Marley & The Wailers’ classic, which we also heard). New tunes with stingers attached included “Let Go” (by The Very Best), “Hornet’s Nest” (by Road Man), and “The B of the Desert” (by Smadj), back-to-back. Dubby Doo’s got that “old-school Tubby at the peak of his powers” vibe going on bigtime, and Indou’s new one packed a dubsteppy punch. Indubious’ new “Jammy” provided a perfect excuse to play “Jammin’ for Survival” by the original Jammy… Prince Jammy. After the half, for anyone who couldn’t make the recent live Little Dragon gig at 1st Av, kick back and enjoy “Cat Rider” from the Dragon’s recent release Nabuma Rubberband. Back to brand-spankin’ new: June 1 saw the latest release from Mpls’ very own ace wubblemeister Bogtrotter, titled Dark Matter, from which we heard the title cut plus “Ghoul Train”, and eventually “Reptiles” to take us out… WAY out!

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