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Norrie Morse in for Mr. D this week, opening with "Groovy" by Joe Dodo & the Groovers! A couple of brand-new things this week included "Because the Night", Selecter style. The veteran 2Tone band released their new "Subculture" full-lengther in the UK in June, but its US release was just this month! Just found out about Australia's 28-piece powerhouse Melbourne Ska Orchestra's new track "Satellite" from the forthcoming "Sierra-Kilo-Alpha" on Australia's ABC label. Fantastic-looking YouTube video for that song… check it! Muscovites Cabernet Deneuve, S.

John Harrison – Dead End 21:39
(Day Of The Dead soundtrack / Numenorean)
Goblin – Profondo Rosso (remix) 5:15
(Best Of Goblin Vol 1 / Cinevox)
DJSLT –  Movement 1: Outbreak & Panic  22:16


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Listen Now

All the ghouls, goblins, duppys, and dreads gathered with Dr. StrangeDub & DJ Baby Swiss for the annual “Echo Chamber of Horrors” special! And what a howling good show – with layers of special effects & soundbytes, including the movies “Dracula”, “Frankenstein”, “The Exorcist”, and more. Got the party started with the brand new “Halloween Verse” from Tribal Realities (featuring Deno Sandz), and featured the 2015 installment in the “Halloween at High Noon” album series from High Noon Records — this one being titled “les Mort Gothique”. Of course we had tons of scary dubwise music and quite a varied cast of characters in this year’s special including: Tino Corp., Phantom Power, Dubology, Piper Street Sound, Blue Vitriol, The Divine Sham, Grace Jones, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Gorillaz, Squidly Cole, Flesh Creeps, Raz Mesinai, Max Romeo & the Upsetters, DJ Spooky, The Drastics, The Specials, Jean-Paul Dub, George Palmer & Kobo, Pablo Gad, Dubblestandart/Subatomic Sound (feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry), and many more. We even had a cool dubstep remix of “This Is Halloween” from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by SkitlEZ; a cover version of theme music from the movie “Halloween” by Monster Maker; and Beats Antique’s very cool remix of the theme from “Friday the 13th”. Quite a scary program from the dungeon of Dub!