MinneCulture – Sonic Flavor: The Lyricism of D Mills

MinneCulture – Sonic Flavor: The Lyricism of D Mills

Minneapolis rapper Diane Miller, aka D Mills, creates thought-provoking hip-hop music that expresses her authentic self and engages the audience with a fusion of sonic flavors.

“You just really, as a female rapper, have to endure because there’s not a lot of you out there,” Miller says. “I mean I’ve had experience of being in Minneapolis basically being bullied on stage. And I was on stage next to this other rapper and they basically put their arm out in front of me when I started rapping. And oh my gosh did that ever cause me some rage and anger and then I kinda took it out just back free styling and it felt really good. But, yah that was one of the most blatant displays I’ve ever felt of like the struggle of being a woman and being a rapper and being respected.”

“The more women we can get out there, the better.”

Audio portrait produced by Dixie Treichel. Listen below.


Photo by Erin Piesert. Support for MinneCulture on KFAI comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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