MinneCulture Podcast: ‘Ep. 27: What Do We Do Now?’

MinneCulture Podcast: ‘Ep. 27: What Do We Do Now?’

When George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day, pain and anger blasted like a shock wave across the Twin Cities and the world. Floyd’s death was followed by a week of protests, marches and sometimes destructive unrest. In this episode of the MinneCulture Podcast, KFAI’s Melissa Olson takes us to the intersection of 38th and Chicago Ave, where Native jingle dress dancers offered a ceremony of healing. We also hear from Twin Cities hip-hop artist Tall Paul, who recounts his experience patrolling south Minneapolis and protecting local businesses during the unrest. Then we take a gritty walking tour of unsanctioned artwork, hosted by graffiti artist Peyton Scott Russell.

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This episode was produced by Nancy Rosenbaum, Anna Stitt, Ryan Dawes, Emily Bright and Melissa Olson.

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