MinneCulture Podcast: ‘Ep. 26: What Are You Making?’

MinneCulture Podcast: ‘Ep. 26: What Are You Making?’

We’re still social distancing and we’re still making stuff. Some artists have changed what they make. Others have changed how they make it. KFAI’s Barb Abney hosts from home and shares an uplifting interview with Twin Cities hip-hop artist Nur-D, who just dropped an EP recorded entirely from his bedroom. We also hear a tender, slightly gloomy audio diary from Minneapolis poet Ed Bok Lee, who discusses skeletons and shares knock-knock jokes with his young daughter. It’s adorable and, you guessed it, poetic.

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This podcast was produced by Nancy Rosenbaum with Anna Stitt, Melissa Olson and Emily Bright, edited by Ryan Dawes.

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