MinneCulture | ‘Dear Neighbor,’ This Poster Is for You

MinneCulture | ‘Dear Neighbor,’ This Poster Is for You

University Avenue in St. Paul has become the canvas for a new public art project called “Dear Neighbor.” Spearheading the project is the gallery XIAART, run by the Asian Economic Development Association. Located in the heart of Frogtown, the gallery is uniquely positioned to use art as a way to make sense of the deep problems faced by the Twin Cities.

The project pairs together Black, Indigenous, Asian, Desi, and Latinx artists and writers.  They’ve created a series of posters displayed on businesses, homes, and libraries along University Avenue and the Green Line Light Rail. Writer Adlyn Carreras was paired with visual artist Gita Ghei. For their poster, Carreras wanted to create a message for unity.

“…I felt that here in St. Paul, not a lot of attention was given to the destruction and what was happening,” says Carreras. “And to me, this felt kind of like a little way to tell my neighborhood to unify and to come together after all this has happened and to just be together and move forward together.”

Listen to our story by KFAI’s Sheila Regan.

Images courtesy of XIAART and Sheila Regan. To see the posters, visit dear-neighbor.com. Support for MinneCulture on KFAI comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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