May Content Advisory Committee Minutes

May Content Advisory Committee Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:14.

Staff members Leah Honsky, Mason Butler, and Crystal Meisinger were in attendance. Board members Mike Milligan, Michael Cyrs, and Sam Jasmine (on speakerphone) were there as well. We had a quick discussion on moving CAC to the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. It works for everyone except perhaps Bruce, who may have intermittent attendance moving forward.


  1. Podcast Program and Season Launch – Mason Butler


“Podcasts – there’s a lot of them. At least there’s potential for a lot of them.” Currently, the web team that we talked about at last month’s meeting are administering to the technical part of the podcast department. Mason is working on moving web shows to Mixcloud for playback. The licensing is a little different that our archives. This is the KFAI channel on Mixcloud for web shows, but it’s not considered “KFAI programming on Mixcloud.” To reiterate, we won’t be putting our regularly scheduled programming on Mixcloud. Only web shows will go there. “We’re putting those there because we can keep content up for longer than two weeks.” It’s also less of a burden for IP House.

Mason has 6 new podcasts in the pipeline. The soft cutoff for the program rollout is June 3rd. Sam asked if local musicians playing music on her program would be able to be on Mixcloud legally. She also uses a snippet of a cartoon theme song for her show, and wanted to know if that was okay. We decided that making the clip shorter should be fine moving forward. “Will you be removing underwriting before uploading these programs?” asked Sam. Mason said yes, but that he might sell additional, exclusive underwriting for podcast programming. The committee discussed briefly the fidelity of the uploads, and Mike pointed out that they’ll be better quality than our livestream. “Keep in mind – these are marginal quality differences,” said Mason.

Mike wanted clarification that content coming through the mobile app stream will still be scheduled programming and archives. Mason confirmed that that is the case. Basically, moving podcasts and web shows to these external hosting platforms is cheaper and more convenient than having IP House open another KFAI wing for a different kinds of hosting. This way, we use services that are in the business of this exact kind of media. It also lets us have a meaningful connection with potential hosts on a specific platform instead of asking them to “hang around until there’s an opening.” If we like a submission, we have a handful of ways to make it happen. To boot, we will have access to consistent metrics and listening statistics by using platforms like Mixcloud.

  1. Program Openings – Cruise Control, New Like Whatever

Leah wanted confirmation that either of these shows are abdicating their time slots. Mason confirmed. He will continue to produce his show and put in on Mixcloud with the other web shows. Mason gave us a date of June 10th as a soft end for Cruise Control’s classic midnight to 2am on Tuesday slot. We’re sad to see him go.

Michael has been pre-recording for New Like Whatever more than he’d like, and considered abdicating. However, now that he’s been in his job for a few months, he’s more confident in getting time off to do it live. He will not abdicate, although he did express interest in the 8-10am time slot on Mondays since his industry is generally silent on Mondays. New Like Whatever currently airs from 8-10am on Tuesday mornings, and fits wonderfully in the slot before East of Here, West of Now.

  1. Program Submissions – Crystal Meisinger

Crystal is moving into a new position as Programming Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. This means that submissions are going through her, and she had a few questions about that process. She already sends out the correspondence that tells volunteers that slots are opening, which will extend nicely to her being the one that filters submissions. Leah mentioned to Crystal how the CAC usually receives submissions as a packet instead of on a show by show basis.

“I know this has been done through Survey Monkey in the past and that it’s mentioned the program slot that’s opening,” said Crystal. She wants to change the submissions so that it’s more of an open door and not a specific time slot. Mason had mentioned jettisoning Survey Monkey altogether, and the three staff members in attendance discussed nailing down details of the submission plan in the next few weeks.

  1. Public Comments

No members of the public were in attendance. No comments.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm. The next meeting will be Thursday 13th at 7pm in Studio 5.