KFAI Statement Concerning Volunteer Social Media Comments

Last week a KFAI volunteer host made insensitive and intolerant comments on her personal Facebook about our BIPOC community and the tragic shooting of Dolal Idd. The views of this host do not in any way represent those of KFAI and fall short of our missions of social justice and creating understanding between peoples.

The volunteer is suspended effective immediately. Her program has been replaced with BIPOC voices.

KFAI continues to work on its Code of Conduct and policies (projects that were underway before this incident). Our overriding value is that KFAI is a place for everyone. Exclusionary, antagonistic, and insensitive comments will not be tolerated on or off the air, and our new policies are being developed to reflect this deepest conviction. KFAI commits absolutely to training its leadership and volunteers to create an environment of total respect.