KFAI Producers Win Five SPJ Awards

KFAI Producers Win Five SPJ Awards

Several producers from KFAI’s Minneculture team received accolades at Tuesday night’s MN Society of Professional Journalists’ annual Page One Awards and we couldn’t be more proud!

Anna Stitt took home first place in the Best Feature category for her story, “Bending Nimbus To Her Will” while Ryan Dawes took second in the category for his “A Violinist Grapples With Death.”

Melissa Olson, host of Sanctuary: Arts & Activism received third place in the Special Project/In-Depth Series category for “An Unvarnished, Unholy Tour of Franklin Avenue.”

Finally, KFAI producers swept the Sports News Coverage category with Ryan Dawes’ report on Gao Hong and Katie Thornton’s report on her own experiences skateboarding with lyme disease.

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