KFAI Producer Mr. Visa 360 at the Durban Top 50 Youth Awards

KFAI Producer Mr. Visa 360 at the Durban Top 50 Youth Awards

On March 20th KFAI Producer Anthony “Mr.  Tunstall” went to South Africa for the Top 50 Durban Youth Awards powered by Durban Youth Radio.


A variety of youth media representatives, social media influencers and Durban Youth Radio journalists were present to capture the start of what promises to be an outstanding campaign.

The celebrity guest MC Lammeck Mfeka, and our dynamic panel, gave an inspiring account of what the Top 50 campaign promises to deliver and how the Durban youth can participate.

Special thanks goes out to Durban Youth Radio, Hoopers VW and Durban Youth Council for their support throughout the campaign .- international panelist and KFAI Producer Anthony “Mr. Visa 360” Tunstall  for flying all the way from Minnesota USA on behalf of KFAI FM, to support the Durban Top 50 campaign.


Over and above all the recognition that the numerous nominees will receive , the highlight of the Top 50 campaign  were  the ultimate prize for the some winners in each of the 10 participating categories. Anthony is paying it forward by organizing an all expenses paid trip for the winners to visit the USA for 1 week. This exciting trip will also include 8 of the Top 50 team members who accompany the winners. The crew will depart from Durban to Chicago on 29 June 2019, and will get to enjoy amongst many lined up activities, including the Auspicious Independence Day commemoration (4 July) in Chicago and will leave USA for Durban on 7 July 7th.

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