IWD 2019 Broadcast Schedule

IWD 2019 Broadcast Schedule

Midnight: How Technology Can Stop Gender-Based Violence – with Katey DeCelle.

A program discussing how smart phone applications and emerging technology is helping to end the cycle of domestic violence.

1am: Matter of Fat – with Cat Polivoda & Saraya Boghani

A body-positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities. This special episode gathers highlights from the first season of the podcast. Watch for Season 2 starting in May.

2am: Closing Disparity Gaps for Disabled Women – with Teighlor McGee and Shiloh of the Black Disability Collective 

Disability advocates Teighlor McGee And Hope Hoffman discuss their experiences with disability and highlight why the women’s rights movement needs to center disabled voices.

3am: Art and Activism that Shapes Change – with Dr. Tarshia Stanley 

Composer Toshi Reagon and Dr. Tarshia Stanley will discuss how themes in Octavia Butler’s “Parable of the Sower” are relevant for today’s women.

4am: Emerging Non-male Composers in New Music – with Morgan Schoonover

An hour of new music written by international female and non-binary composers.

5am: Meet a Community Shares Member – with Sheryl 

Ways to support MN women that have experienced sexual assault.

5:30am-6am: Mind the Gap – Abbi and Liz

6am: A.M. Drive Local Ladies Special – with Barb Abney and Krista Wax

8am: Unveiled Beauty: Women, Stories, & Bravery – with Lisa Harris

9am: On My Grind – with Ashley Mari 

On My Grind bringing forth the women in the business who put in work for their business, art & music careers.

10am-11am Ms Georgia Peach Worldwide

11am: Health Beats – with Jacki Trelawny and A.M.

Music to make you groove and positive discussions to encourage health and joy in our community.

1pm: Navigating Adoption & Identity – with Haeyoon Fry & Salena Koster

MN adoptees discuss the challenges of adoption and how it impacts identity.

2pm: Fat Acceptance and Yoga – with Gabrielle Hruska

Where do Fat Folks fit in Yoga? Everywhere!

3pm: Intersections – with LaDonna Redmond 

Exploring the role of race, class in gender in politics.

4pm: Sisters-N-Technology – with Muxer Podcast 

Highlighting young women in Minneapolis who are breaking barriers in coding and STEM and making a difference in their community.

5pm: Low End Ladies – with Katie Copan 

Women on bass.

7pm: How America Has Failed Women of Color – with Stephanie Anderson-Moline 

America has failed women of color and we demand change–but how do go about that?

8pm: Feminist Voices – with Louise Lens 

Featuring an interview with Digital Editor of feminist publication Ms. Magazine Carmyn Rios and music played by feminist rockers, performers and DJs.

10pm: Listen to _____ – with Victoria Carpenter 

Alternative ideas through casual conversation.

11pm: Becoming the Woman You Always Knew You’d Be – with Leslie Pitt

Join host Leslie and her mother Carol Steere as they talk about  living with limb loss. They will talk about how experiencing something so catastrophic has given them their greatest strength to become the women they always knew they’d be.