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Located in Cedar Riverside, KFAI is a volunteer-driven, community-based radio station that exists to serve an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.



KFAI has been on the air since 1978 and your involvement makes all the difference.



July 21, 2020 KFAI Summer Drive – A Way To Grow »

NO IMAGE-REMINDER: Please vote in the KFAI elections this week!

December 2, 2020 REMINDER: Please vote in the KFAI elections this week! »

Stencil-like graphic of Paul Deng Kur overlaid with text from his book

November 30, 2020 MinneCulture | Driven by Hope: Paul Deng Kur and the Story of a Lost Boy »

Painting of grocery shopper in hazmat suit infant of fruit stand

November 30, 2020 MinneCulture | From Aisles to the Art Gallery, Juxtapositions of Opposites »

NO IMAGE-WordPress? More like WordNotImpressed, amirite?

November 28, 2020 WordPress? More like WordNotImpressed, amirite? »

Graphic stating "COVID-19 Testing Resources and Locations"

November 25, 2020 COVID-19 Testing Resources in the Twin Cities »

Graphic of MSP Map overlaid with phrase MSP COVID-19 Testing Resources & Locations [Hmong language]

November 25, 2020 [HMONG] COVID-19 Qaub Tsev Zej Zog DAWB rau kuaj sim »