George Floyd tribute all the way from Malta

George Floyd tribute all the way from Malta

The death of George Floyd and the subsequent uprising here in the Twin Cities has touched the world. We’ve featured several songs inspired by these events on air in the last few months, but this week, we received our first piece of international mail inspired by the events.

Envelope from MaltaAustin Engerer, a Maltese songwriter with a voice not unlike Al “Year Of The Cat” Stewart, sent this CD-R to KFAI along with a handwritten note back on July 14th – it took until August 11th to reach us through the magic of the post office. Considering the distance and the state of our currently defunded post office, this piece of media mail is looking pretty good. (BTW, save the post office!)


Austin’s internet artist profile isn’t high, but his upload of his tribute song, “I Can’t Breathe,” has gotten about 700 hits on YouTube in the last two weeks. Not bad for a farmer from a small island nation. This song was apparently recorded with Robert Longo, but not THAT Robert Longo.

The disc itself will be headed to the on-air studio shortly, but you can hear the song on Austin’s channel here:

Leave him a comment and let him know KFAI sent you. He’ll likely be happy to know his disc circled the globe and is being heard in the birthplace of the revolution.