Ever Heard Of The Labor Temple?

Ever Heard Of The Labor Temple?

I have an interesting story to tell. I’d like to I try and paint a picture. A picture in your mind about a place in Minneapolis called The Labor Temple and the musical artists that played there. The Labor Temple was dubbed the “Fillmore of the Midwest.” It was given this name was given by none other than Pigpen McKernan of The Grateful Dead.

Some of the bands who played there before they were world-famous include:

Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, The MC5, Dr. John The Night Tripper, The Allman Brothers,  The Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart), Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad and The Velvet Underground.

In the recent episode of the KFAI program, The Fun Time Music Festival, we interview George Ostrushko, the co-founder and poster artist for The Labor Temple. George tells the rock n roll stories about the Labor Temple and our Fun Time Music Festival host, Chris Edwards,  showcases the music of the artists who played The Labor Temple. Not necessarily their pop hits, but music more indicative of the times when the Labor Temple operated back in 1969 and 1970.

Check it out.

Fun Time Music Festival: Labor Temple Show