09/09/2020 MinneCulture Presents

MinneCulture Presents
September 9, 2020

DJs: Micah Whetstone

Enchanted, Entranced: Music and Spirituality from The Nerve
In Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and practically every religion around the world, music has been used as a tool to elevate the spirit or unite the faithful. Host Jowi Taylor examines how music has come to be so closely associated with the sacred, and how chanting, singing and drumming in unison produce tangible physical effects, evoking altered states from trance to exaltation. Many cultures consider music to be a gift from the gods. Apart from the claim that it is a gift from God, what is it exactly about music that makes it have such power over our spirits? We’ll hear a variety of opinions from multiple faiths to address why music so enchants and entrances us.