06/09/2020 Unscheduled Program

East of HERE, West of NOW
June 9, 2020

DJs: Jackson Buck, Nicholas David

10:03 AM Charlie Parr “A Meditation For George Floyd”
10:07 AM Rico Morales “Street Reporting – Interview with Witness”
10:11 AM Maine1 “#ICantBreathe
10:15 AM Jamie Edwards “Interview with Street Band”
10:19 AM Siama Matuzungidi and Dallas Johnson “Ko Yimbi Ko”
10:27 AM Ryan Dawes “Interview with Naybahood Heroes”
10:35 AM Autem S “George Floyd”
10:39 AM Morgan McKenzie “America 2020 #BLM
10:48 AM Melissa Olson “Observations of Jingle Dress Dance – 38th and Chicago”
10:52 AM Northern Cree “Jingle Dress Dance – “Watch these ladies…””
10:56 AM Stretch Da Poet “Spoken Word on Chicago Ave”
11:04 AM Pan African Rally “38th And Chicago”
11:24 AM Atamina “No One Wants to Die”
11:49 AM Fel Fordyce “George Floyd ( I Can’t Breathe)”
11:53 AM John Saint-Pelvyn “Auto Zone (Softly Gone)”