[ENGLISH] Protect Your Family With Vaccines, Testing and Safe Gathering

[ENGLISH] Protect Your Family With Vaccines, Testing and Safe Gathering

In the month of December, new weekly COVID-19 cases have reached the highest level since last year. In order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, public health institutions like the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control are offering guidance to help keep your family safe throughout the winter. See information in English below, check out our translated resources here:

[AMHARIC] ቤተሰብዎን በክትባትና እና በአስተማማኝ ምርመራ ይጠብቁ
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[HINDI] अपने परिवार की रक्षा टीका, परीक्षण और सुरक्षित सभा के चयन से करें
[HMONG] Tiv Thaiv Koj Tsev Neeg Nrog Tshuaj Tiv Thaiv Mob, Kev Ntsuas Mob Thiab Kev Nyab Xeeb Sib Sau Ua Ke
[OROMO] Talaalliidhaan, Qoratamuudhaa, Walitti Qabama eeggannaa qabuun maatii keessan irraa ittisaa 
[SOMALI] Ku Ilaali Qoyskaaga Tallaal, Baaritaan iyo Kulan Ammaan leh 
[SPANISH] Proteja a su Familia con Vacunas, Pruebas, y Reuniones Seguras
[TIGRINYA] ንስድራ ቤትካ ብምኽታብን ብምርማርን ብደሓን ምእካብን ሓልዋ
[VIETNAMESE] Bảo vệ gia đình bạn bằng thuốc chủng ngừa, xét nghiệm và tụ tập an toàn

Vaccines for Children

Children ages 5-11 are now eligible for a Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine. Children who are fully vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized if they are exposed to the novel corona virus. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, fully vaccinated children also do not have to stay home (quarantine) if they are exposed to someone who has COVID-19. The Pfizer vaccine for children age 5-11 is a smaller dose of vaccine than the Pfizer vaccine for people age 12 and older. Your child will need two doses of this vaccine. They should get the second dose 3 weeks after the first dose. It is important to get both doses of vaccine for the best protection.

Learn more about vaccines for children here: https://mn.gov/covid19/vaccine/vaxforkids/


Beginning as early as December 6, Minnesota will also offer boosters at multiple state-run and state-hosted 5- to 11-year-old vaccine clinics, including those hosted at schools. Roughly 35 state school-based vaccination clinics for ages 5-11 will begin offering booster shots to parents of children receiving their first or second dose in December and the first week of January. Additional 5-11 vaccine clinics will begin offering boosters as planning continues. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and fully vaccinated is eligible to receive a booster shot. According to the CDC, if you received a full Pfizer of Moderna vaccine series, you are eligible for any booster vaccines 6 months after your last shot. If you initially received a single Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you are eligible for any booster vaccine two months after your last dose.

You can find a COVID-19 booster Vaccines at vaccines.gov or at the State of Minnesota vaccine locator map.

Winter Gathering Safety & Testing

With Christmas, Kwanza and the New Year approaching, the Minnesota Department of Health offers guidance to families gathering indoors throughout the winter:

– Get vaccinated if you’re eligible, including boosters for recommended groups. 

– Lay low before you go. Avoid crowded settings for a couple weeks beforehand. 

– Get tested a few days prior to gathering, either at a testing site or through the at-home testing program. Results take 1-3 hours for a rapid antigen test, and 24-72 hours for a saliva PCR test. 

– Stay home if you have symptoms or if you test positive for COVID-19. 

– Use multiple layers of protection. Wear a mask in crowded settings and stick to outdoor/socially distanced activities where possible, especially if you’re getting together with multiple households, multiple generations, unvaccinated people, or people in high-risk groups. 

Learn more at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays/celebrations.html

From all of us at KFAI, we wish you a happy, healthy New Year ahead!