Content Advisory Minutes – 8/18/21

Content Advisory Minutes – 8/18/21

In attendance: Chris, Jay, Umar
For KFAI: Mason, Jacque
Board liaison: TJ
Others: Larry Hamilton
Absent: Jess, Melissa, Brendan, Ben

6:30pm – Call to Order/Attendance

Meeting was called to order at 6:40.

6:32pm – Review/approve previous CAC minutes

Minutes were approved.

6:35pm – Discussion of GM/Leadership for future CAC meetings

6:42 – Jacque Pokorney is here!  She was announced in the interim GM role with the intention to server for a couple months.  Jacque announced that Miguel Vargas will come on board as interim Program Manager, starting 13 September.  Miguel and Mason will co-chair the CAC.  Host of Radio Pocho, Miguel is a former program manager at Fresh Air.  Once Miguel is “up and running,” we will post the permanent GM role once again.  Jacque has left the board of directors to take on this role and is excited about the direction of the CAC!

TJ arrived!

6:40pm – Update on open timeslots (including proposed timeslot movements by existing shows)

6:49 – Mason brought us up to date on recent developments and new developments.

Sunday 10:30PM-midnight – Abbi began Room for One Radio July 25th!

Monday 8-10PM (Sangam) – Ahmed Naumaan has discussed with the members of the Sangam collective and a decision was reached that it was time to retire the program.  He expressed interest in an updated program for the South Asian community…something that might be better served in safe harbor.  Mason talked to Nikolai about moving Balkan Jamboree to the Monday slot but Nikolai instead asked about the open spot formerly held by Encuentro (Thursday 8-10PM) – either way, we could offer Ahmed the Tuesday 10PM-midnight slot.

Monday 1-2PM (Sanctuary) – Melissa has submitted a resignation notice citing a lack of time to continue to produce new episodes of the program while still co-managing Minneculture.  We now have several public affairs slots open and with nobody applying for them, “it might be time to reimagine how we do public affairs,” whether that means new ways to recruit interested talent or syndicating public affairs programs from other (smaller) stations.  Jacque says she’s a big fan of the LP stations and reaching out to (for example) WFNU and KRSM is definitely something we should be doing.

Sunday 11am-noon – AMPERS programming is still in as a stopgap

Tuesday 2am-4am – Chosen By The Funk is encoring here

Chris asked Mason for an up-to-date list of open time slots for us to post publicly to and in the Hosts Hangout.

6:50pm – Review submitted abstracts

We have no new abstracts

Mason shared a demo of “Stone on Bone” which broadcast live Sunday.  Chris and Jay both enjoyed it and felt David & Kevin were ready for air.  Chris offered services as interim engineer until they were board certified.

7:00pm – Guest: Ahmed Wassie re: Sunday hosting issues

7:14 Ahmed wasn’t present but Mason mentioned that there is a problem on Sundays – no hosts have appeared to present the shows following his.  Ahmed hosts “Voice of Ethiopia” from 4 to 5.  Hosts have been absent from both “Voice of Oromiyaa” (5-6) and Somalida Maanta/Somali Public Radio (6-7 and 7-8).  We have actually aired hours of dead air Sunday nights.  This isn’t an acceptable situation, but how can we resolve it?  And if we don’t air the programming and nobody calls or writes us to complain about it…are these programs even being consumed?  Mason is going to ask Ahmed to write up something more formal for us to have for us to keep track of this issue.

7:20pm – Public comment until

7:21  Jay asked about glitches in the stream, both in the app and on air.  Mason wondered if it was something digital but asked him to report them in real time as he heard them so we could attempt to diagnose.  Mason suspects an issue on the HD stream.

Jay said he emailed the hosts of his listener review programs but none responded.  He said Fresh Fruit and Conversations with Al MacFarlane he considered “untouchable” – Beats, Rhymes & Democracy was “the kind of programming I’m hoping we can have more of.”

There may be an issue with “f bombs outside safe harbor” that may need to be addressed, although Jay says he hasn’t heard any stray ones lately.  If you hear any possible FCC violations, please send a report to

Larry Hamilton asked for confirmation that the open time slots would be prominently posted.  Mason assured him they would be.

7:30pm – Adjourn

7:40 Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Robin Zimmerman