Content Advisory Committee Minutes, November 18, 2020

Content Advisory Committee Minutes, November 18, 2020

KFAI Content Advisory Committee

Meeting minutes for November 18, 2020

The Content Advisory Committee convened on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:30 pm via Zoom.

In attendance: CRZ, Jay, Ben, Chris
For KFAI: Daniel, Mason
Board liaison (absent): Michael
Absent: Jess, Melissa

1. 18:39 Call to order

2. Review October minutes – they haven’t been made available to the committee of the whole, so we can’t approve now but we’ll get them out

3. 18:43 Board Elections update (CRZ) – we had three candidates submit questionnaires – we’ll have an election Monday even though it’s fait accompli, given we have three openings.  Term is one year.  Danny and Mason asked for potential future appointees to augment the elected members with diversity in mind.  CRZ, Jess and Jay are still on the hook for one more year.

4. 18:53 Somali and Hmong programming – need for new/additional hosts or collective – Update

Mason talked to Abdirizak Bihi and reached out to Mahamed Cali at Somali American Radio (KALY-LP 101.7) with an intent to share contacts and underwriting for mutually beneficial representation of the Somali community on KFAI and a boost to KALY and an evolving of our Somali programming (our existing programs have kind of melded together with only one host)

Vis a vis Hmong American Reachout, the process is slow yet ongoing – Mason and Shoua Xiong are working on it.  Mason also reached out to the Hmong Archive at the East Side Freedom Library for their input – to see if we can shift focus from older/nostalgic music to somewhat fresher and more relevant content

Jay asked if, now that Hmong Radio will be spinning up an entire station at 106.7, are we now duplicating what they’re doing or do we still have something that can be brought to the table?

Chris asked if we are reaching out to “other” communities (Vietnamese/Karen, for example)

Danny said Vietnamese Social Services is “on my radar” for perhaps new opportunities for Vietnamese programming.

Mason reminded us that it would be better for programming to fit the needs of communities and not merely the needs of government/AMPERS (simply meeting requirements).

Danny reiterated that reachout is important – and ideally this reachout could help us find hosts.  We do have audiences that appreciate these shows and need these shows.

Mason segued to

6. 19:02 Potential public affairs/Fri+Sat evening reimagining – Mason suggested we don’t need specific public affairs shows at specific times – some were originally placed into the schedule because “that was where the hole opened up.”  Where are these shows best suited, schedule wise?

Chris asked if the board is comfortable with our music/talk ratio shifting to more music – Mason says he doesn’t think that’s where we’re headed – the streams ARE more music-oriented, but the on air ratio should remain, even if we reschedule some of the public affairs programming – “it’s still an important part of what we do.”  When we talk about moving Friday night programs, it’s more something like moving Beats, Rhymes & Democracy in next to Ms Margaret Live where those two shows can work together.  Mason seeks “a livelier public affairs” environment for Friday nights…NOT “pushing public affairs off.”

Danny added that in terms of “major direction stuff,” he said he didn’t believe that it was our intent to move off public affairs – although hypothetically, listenership may be raised by such a move, it wouldn’t be in our interests as it would not serve the terms of our mission to make those kinds of moves.

Chris asked if our future was to designate Friday/Saturday/Sunday as “time for music” – Mason said we don’t plan on changing the mission statement and our underwriting environment – plus, as a listener, it’s not something he’d be interested in.  There is public “respect” for having talk at noon and 1pm – although it isn’t necessarily hard and fast “news,” KFAI is still recognised as a news source in the Metro.  6pm may be a little more flexible.

Moving back to the idea of reimagining the weekend, Mason, Danny, Chris and Reggie Reg have had discussions around swapping Solid Foundations and Soul Tools Radio given the current respective energy levels of both shows.  Mason hasn’t heard back from Reggie about how he feels about that or what (if any) help he might need to bring up the energy level.

Danny mentioned that he feels the synergies on Sunday (Sound Affects before, New Jack Swing Beat Revue after) may be better with Soul Tools instead of Solid Foundations.  Chris said that COVID has made it difficult for them to come out of Sound Affects the way they used to.  Mason added that Spider frequently guests on Soul Tools.

19:16 Jay asked about the former A Great Blend of Watercolors – Mason said that Dee has undergone “a crisis of rebranding” – but the show’s content sounds pretty much the same.  Show is now called “An R&B For HEALing & Celebration” to keep it alphabetical, but after the App is updated with the new schedule, Mason wants to revisit the show name.  Mason said if content were to be significantly changed, this would be an instance where she’d have to reapply for the slot.

19:21 Overnight changes – Big Blue Train moves from Mixcloud to Saturday 4am-6am /

Galactic Fantastic is moving to Mondays at 6pm on FA2
Everything Minnesota Music encore airs Tuesday 4am (premieres Fridays at 3pm on FA2) / Sound Verite moved to Saturday 11am, replacing Jazz Diaspora
Scene Point is new to FA2, Fridays at 5pm

5. 19:24 Stream Updates – discussion on accepting stream applications/transitioning current on-air shows to FA2 or 3

Mason says now we’ve got these streams, how are we planning on filling them?  Mason says he has been approached by folks asking about how to apply for “spots” on the streams – he singled out Felix Havoc from Profance Existence and Radio Riot

Chris: Unless we are deluged, I don’t know why we should close that door

Jay: This could be our laboratory.

Chris: We may want to set a threshold – if the schedule is “70% full,” for example – we mention that we are pausing applications.

Danny: As we move forward, program hosts should expect that their time slot may move – and WILL move – but let’s let as many people have radio shows as possible, so long as the quality and appropriateness are there.  This can be good advertising.

CRZ: We should establish expectations – how many hours and how often?  We should also try to assign “executive producer/mentor” types to oversee the first few episodes and gently guide them through what might work and not work for their particular shows.

Jay: Are we worried about where streams end up/multi use?  Mason said it’s a little thorny but it is something we’ve dealt with in the past (sometimes by “looking the other way”) but if SoundExchange covers our stream and hosts “take it somewhere else,” it doesn’t hurt KFAI.  Mixcloud is covered, but if a host wants to put it on their own Soundcloud (for example), any legal questions go to the host and not KFAI.  Mason says hosts WILL have to sign the programmer’s agreement but if, say, somebody blows up and NPR or iHeartRadio decides they need to have them and their intellectual property, we don’t own them…Danny says he’ll check it out as he’s already “knee deep in the FCC stuff” anyway.

CRZ asked about explicit content – Mason said that would probably go into the Programmer’s Agreement.  They can swear all they want, but anybody with aspirations to end up on the air may want to take into consideration their delivery with the intent TO end up on the air.

Danny: My gut instinct is this is fantastic, a huge opening for a lot of people who otherwise suffer for their art.  In the short term, explicit content is okay but with the appropriate content notification – it’s a good opportunity to broadcast music the FCC wouldn’t normally allow the other 16 hours a day.  Mason said we could include such a disclaimer in the preroll.

19:47 Other topics!

Jay hasn’t followed up with Don Olson yet but still intends to.

CRZ asked: Any anticipated future openings for which we’ll need to consider content?  Mason doesn’t know of any.  COVID has made things challenging for some hosts but doesn’t think anyone is retiring soon.  Any shows regularly not hosted by their regular hosts might need a check-in.  Any shows no longer producing new content should get a check-in.

Any reviews coming up?  Upside Down is next in line to get their six month review.

19:52 FA3 “The Undead Stream” officially launches at midnight!  Follow @undeadstream on Twitter!  Their library contains appx. 185,000 titles and will be better organized very soon.

FA2 and FA3 have new tabs in the mobile app – there will be “buttons” on the website and the Radio Rethink player should be updated in time for Give to the Max Day.

We’re “fixing” the app and will be (re-)pushing it soon.

19:57 We’ve adjourned!