In attendance: Chris, Jess, Jay, Umar, Ben, Melissa
For KFAI: Daniel
Board liaison: T.J.
Absent: Brendan, Mason

6:30pm – Call to Order/Attendance

None of us seemed to be in the correct Zoom due to the postponement.  Daniel opened a new one.

Meeting called to order at 6:48.

6:32pm – Review/approve previous CAC minutes

Minutes were approved.

6:35pm – Update on open timeslots

6:50 – Daniel said that tribute shows of Encuentro would be played in the month of June in the wake of Gilberto’s passing. After that, the Encuentro time slot of Thursday, 8-10PM will be opened.

All previously opened time slots remain open.  An email communication was sent to hosts asking if anyone wanted to move their existing show into an open slot, but there have been no takers.

6:40pm – Review submitted abstracts

Al B. Ware’s demo for Sunday 11am – CRZ said Al has previous experience and knows what he’s doing – “I’d have no problem with him returning and having a new show in the future.”

Umar asked if about its adjacency to other programs – Daniel noted that its lead-in would be the Wave Project.  Although it would dovetail nicely with existing gospel programming, this wouldn’t exactly be happening here – any problems with that?  Umar said that means sometimes it would work with Wave Project, sometimes it would be a notable clash….but that’s not necessarily bad on its face.  Al specifically requested this time slot – in the future, there may be a chance to move, given our new processes.

Open slots:
Sunday 10:30PM-Midnight
Wednesday 6-7PM
Friday 6-7PM

Daniel has said that the hosts of Poetry, Sceience & Wrestling (Thursday 2-4PM) have asked about any future morning slots.  Mason suggested reach out to hosts on the slots they’re looking at for possible “trades.”

Would Poetry, Science & Wrestling work as, for example, an 8am show?  It was agreed that it could work almost any time as an eclectic show.

Jay asked about outside shows and mentioned “Blues Before Sunrise” as a possible time filler on overnights.  Daniel asked for a link to a show we could listen to.

Ben mentioned in the chat that Everything Minnesota Music might like to move to Sunday nights.  They are currently airing an encore of their Friday 5PM show Tuesday morning at 4-6AM, so any possible move would once again open up THAT slot.

Chris asked if there was any movement on Stickz and Stonez moving from podcast to one of the open 6PM slots?  Daniel says there are some hurdles to getting Jason and David onto the on-air schedule – some board training and a new demo creation.

Daniel said Kenna Cottman put him in touch with Kou Thao about possibly helping find talent for a future Hmong interest program.  Jay asked, with a new station at 106.7 dedicated to this community, are we now trying to duplicate efforts?  Daniel reminded us that WIXK is a commercial station, and may not be serving the community the way we have in the past and could in the future.  TJ said we’ve worked hard to make this space and would like to keep it – if there’s no interest, of course, we can move in other directions, but with this new collective expressing interest it’s worth giving them a try if they can.

6:50pm – Upcoming broadcast events

(7:13) Pride programming takes over all day 6/25 (Friday). This is KFAI’s first 24 hour Pride celebration presented by community members.

Juneteenth programming – 6/19 (Saturday) saw special programming at 11am (Lee Jordan’s Juneteenth Cookout) and 5pm (Juneteenth in Demand with Namir, Candace, Yonci, Arame & Kenna)

Melissa joined at 7:16.

TJ said it was great that not only did we schedule out this time but that we had the production and content to fill it.  The community has asked for this kind of commitment, but the challenge seems to have been to fill the time and for our producers to be able to do it.  Melissa mentioned the recent American Indian programming as an example of another success matching the content to the time requested to be filled.

6:55pm – Finalize review process / assign program reviews

(7:21) Daniel shared a new draft Google Form which he hoped would serve as a building block for a more “final” evaluation process.  This form will have three sections for reviewers to work with hosts to complete.  Should we have multiple reviews for a show?  Jay suggested that poorly-reviewed shows might be better served with second opinions.  Who should be reviewed first?  Daniel suggested “underperformers” as well as shows in “prime” spots being prioritized.  Jay asked how we review non-English shows – we can still interview the hosts, but listening to the shows may not be very useful.  Melissa reminded us that we do need to make sure we are in FCC compliance, especially in ensuring that we are not including calls to action as part of the programming.  Melissa asked if translation services would be useful as part of this process.  Daniel said we may not have a budget for it, but if it’s something we need, we’d try to find the money.

Daniel will post the forms in Basecamp for tweaks with the hope that we will quickly have something we can start to fill out very soon.

Jay asked if we could air new carts requesting new CAC members with a focus on diversity, perhaps with translations to air during the non-English shows as well.

7:20pm – Public comment until

(7:55) No members of the public were present.

7:30pm – Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 7:56.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Secretary, Content Advisory Committee