Content Advisory Committee Minutes, February 17, 2021

Content Advisory Committee Minutes, February 17, 2021

In attendance: Chris W, Chris Z, Jay, Ben, Brendan, Umar, Melissa
For KFAI: Daniel, Mason, Sam
Board liaison: T.J.
Others: Roger Brown
Absent: Jess

1. 6:30 (6:37) – Call to order/attendance/introduction of guests

2. 6:33 (6:43) – Review/approval of Jan minutes – minutes were approved

3. 6:35 (6:44) – Check in with GM re: new and potential CAC members
Daniel announced that Umar had been appointed to the Committee.  Daniel confirmed that Chris Wilbourn and Melissa Olson remained on the Committee in the second years of their appointed terms.  Roger joins us as a potential future appointee.  Daniel still seeks additional appointees, hoping for candidates who reflect our diversity as well as to perhaps find folks who reflect more on the talk/public affairs side than the music side.  We currently have two seats left to fill – this includes the spot filled by election where the person elected later declined to participate.

Discussion turned to public affairs – Melissa asks how do we identify the gaps we have and use that info to create an outreach to candidates who can help fill them?

Mason reminded us that we have programs of 8-10 languages on air but most of the people in the room are English first and many are English only.  How can we properly evaluate our non-English programming and ensure they are continuing to follow their abstracts?  We’ll have an example of this later…

4. 6:45 (6:55)- Review/discussion of current show abstracts Thurs 2-4am/Fri 6-7pm

Mason directed everyone to the Basecamp where the current crop of applications and their demos reside and asked if everyone’s managed to listen to the demos.  We received one more application for a public affairs program but it lacked a demo.

Chosen by the Funk (Bobby Kahn): Consensus was the mix of music was good, but he would need a better mic.  Several people indicated this was a favourite choice.  Daniel and Chris suggested possible coaching/tweaks of the format.

Due to time, we broke out to move to

5. 7:15 (7:13) – Introduction of Sam Stahlmann, Development/Marketing Director – Daniel introduced Sam, who gave a quick intro and discussed future marketing of the brand.  Sam comes from She Rock She Rock, where she is no longer officially affiliated but still knows everybody and has carried the connections.  Mason said Sam will be helping coordinate the upcoming International Women’s Day programming.  Sam dropped off the meeting.

4 (cont) (7:18)

Ginger Bones Test Kitchen – “NPR vibes” – consensus was the concept was strong but there was concern the execution wasn’t there – “Splendid Table feel” but doesn’t really nail it.  A few technical issues with the delivery.  Daniel made some comparisons to college radio and felt this was “not quite ready.”  Melissa thought the concept almost requires two hosts in dialogue.  Is this a program, or more a podcast padded out with music?  Mason suggested some coaching and asking for a second demo before offering an FA2 slot.

Beatrix*Jar – They’re looking to move from WFNU – would their KFAI show be the same show, or something different, and if so, what?  It was suggested to request a new abstract from them better clarifying their vision for broadcast on KFAI – specifically, would they have a more prominent element of their own production and improvisation, or would it be like WFNU where it was a mostly basic playlist?  Or do we just need a demo that better matches their abstract?  Daniel said he was originally excited by their application but the demo left him feeling “like they were giving it their all.”  Let’s give them permission to work outside the box and see what they come back to us with!  If they’re interested, we can slot them on FA2.

Umar asked for shorter demos – this was well received.

This Week with Ali and Robert – Mason gave this an Incomplete.  We didn’t really get the gist of their show with the brief YouTube clip they shared.

Sticks & Stones – too vulgar to air – but applying as a podcast – we’d be happy to have them as a podcast!

Starlight Serenade – although the demo was “incomplete” (or exactly what we were looking for in a shorter aircheck), this was also universally favourably received with the host perceived as most “radio ready” of the block of applicants.  Daniel says this was his favourite.  It would make a nice part of a Saturday jazz block on FA2, but if the host does envision this as a 2am show, he wouldn’t be against that either.  Chris says the strength of the host should be considered and he was the strongest of the applicants.  Mason says we may have a frontrunner; he’ll come back to Chris (yet another Chris) and see what timeslots and where might be best fit.  Chris did mention he was board certified.

Ultimately it falls to Daniel as GM to make the decision – he and Mason will gather some more data and have additional discussion before a final decision.


ADD’L NOTE FROM THE SECRETARY: After all that discussion, it appears we still don’t have a good candidate ready for the Friday slot.

6. 7:30 (8:03) Discussion of need for program reviews/airchecks (review of letter re: La Voz Del Pueblo) – due to time, we’ll move discussion of this to our Basecamp.  Mason will pull some archived programs for comparison with the recent ones.

7. 7:45 (8:15) Public commentary/discussion of any items amended to agenda – Roger had no comments.

8. 8:00 (8:15) Meeting was dismissed.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Robin Zimmerman