Content Advisory Committee Minutes – April 9th, 2019

Content Advisory Committee Minutes – April 9th, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:05


General Manager Leah Honsky and Interim Program Director Mason Butler attended. Committee Members Bruce Huisinga, Mike Milligan, and Michael Cyrs attended. Guests included former committee member Roy Taylor, Grandpa Joe, Rico Morales, and Sam Griffiths.


  1.    Schedule Update Review


Robin Robinson is no longer doing her Monday at 1pm slot. Melissa Olson is bringing in another hour of native programming, but that might not be the main focus of her program. It’s a program called “Sanctuary,” and is now officially on the schedule. So far, the show has been fantastic.


Michael Cyrs is looking to switch his time slot so he can host New Like Whatever live consistently. He wants to continue to be on the air live, but needs a time slot that’s in the evening or on the weekend to balance out his work schedule. He will reach out to other programmers personally before his Tuesday 8-10am slot is open for submissions.


  1.    Podcast & Web Program Report


“Mason has been doing a great job getting this all together,” said Leah. “We now have a definite difference between what a web show is and what a podcast is,” said Mason after a mirthful thank you. A web show is considered to be a “podcast with music” whereas podcasts aren’t music oriented. We now have workable ways to get programs from the website and onto iTunes and other platforms.


The term “Web Exclusive” is now being used to describe any show that’s not available during our on-air schedule. Podcasts and web shows both fall into that category. “We have a lot of great shows waiting in the weeds as well,” said Mason.


“Is reviewing podcast and web show submissions going to be an extension of the CAC’s duties?” asked Michael. “Yes, these programs will still need to undergo review,” said Mason.


Some of the branding and marketing elements of this arm of KFAI have yet to be ironed out, but we’re confident enough in the technology that we can start pushing it. A web team is made up unofficially of Mason, Matt Finkel, Elizabeth Fleck, and Chris Zimmerman. All are helping to organize the technical elements.


Right now, KFAI has 13 official Web Shows with a 14th all but on the website. You can check out the list by going here and then clicking on “Web Exclusive.”


  1.    Special Programming Days:  Turtle Island: Voices Rising 5/1 & Cinco de Mayo 5/4


“May 1st is going to be the 50th year that Minnesota is celebrating Native American Month,” explained Roy. We are going to do 18 straight hours (6am-midnight) of local-focused programming on that day. The programming can’t be classified into one kind of show. There will be interviews, a live broadcast from Franklin Avenue, a native comedian, and more. Roy is still working with other volunteers to fill out about 6 more hours of programming for the celebration.


“This is mostly going to be live, with a small amount of pre-recorded spots with some elders. There will be a big kickoff at 6am.”


Rico then gave us the lowdown on Cinco. “This year will be our fourth effort broadcasting live.” KFAI is a media sponsor for the celebration on West 7th in St. Paul, and Rico will be live from 1 to 5pm on May 4th. Thanks to Sabados Alegros and Good N’ Country for sacrificing their regularly-scheduled shows for the broadcast.


Rico has a lot of experience doing the remote broadcasts, and has done a fantastic job rounding up a team of volunteers to help make this happen. He’s looking to print up more flyers, and is seeking general ways of engaging a larger audience for KFAI before, during, and after the event.


  1.    May Memorial Fundraiser


From May 22-24, KFAI is doing a fundraiser that’s part Memorial Day, part in memoriam, and part metal. We’re being more focused on making it 72 hours of solid programming as opposed to an open call. “This won’t be a phone-centric event, we want it to be all online,” said Leah. “We’re realizing that the old way of doing things might not be working to raise enough money, so we want to try new ideas,” responded Mason.


It’s important for us to realize that if Facebook already has its users credit card information, then it’s important we utilize those avenues. Mason is calling this kind of event a “flash drive.” We may have shot ourselves in the foot by offering too many options for donating in the most recent drive. We need to simplify and multiply the process. This event will be a nice way to try out new methods of fundraising in a changing landscape of how people give.


Meeting adjourned at 7:13pm