Content Advisory Committee minutes, May 14, 2020

Content Advisory Committee minutes

May 14, 2020

Meeting called to order at 18:33

In Attendance: Chris Zimmerman. (CRZ), Chris W. (Felix), Jay Armstrong, Jess Bunns, Benjamin Raye, Mason Butler, Michael Milligan

Absent: Ron Thums

18:34 April minutes were reviewed and accepted.

18:35 Discussion about allocating the Monday 2-4 pm timeslot

Hardly Listening — Similar to Divine Downloads — CRZ liked that one more of the two. Good mix of music and affirmation. Liked the talk breaks. Felix agreed. Question of how soon could they get board certified? Both hostesses asked for engineers when they tried out — Mason said they had previous radio experience and could be trained one on one, probably fairly expediently. Mason wasn’t sure either show felt like a Monday afternoon (feels like the weekend, feels like the evening, feels like a web/podcast) and might be better as a podcast now, graduating to the schedule in the future.

Jay asked if we were looking for any particular format — Mason noted the 2pm-4pm slot followed a new show and was followed by a “30-year” show so it might be more to think about the show

Galactic Fantastic — “sort of in the running, sort of not” — Dameun has a full-time job that may making being live a challenge. He already has an existing slot for a taped program. Mason thought it might have been a good show for the Saturday slot but circumstances would make that difficult. Dameun may be taping for a while.

Everything Minnesota Music — Ben recused himself — Jay had the highest hopes for this show, but was wondering if it could be stretched to two hours every week. Felix is worried about duplication of the local show at another radio station. Has been an Internet show for two years. Ben is on the air at a commercial station up north — this is a bit of a side project. He’s got the chops. There was concern about the content, specifically recency (or lack thereof). Mason feels there might be a lack of passion between the host and the content — he’s just playing local for the sake of playing local. Mason wonders if it could be moved from Mixcloud to a podcast, if it were purely local submissions submitted with the intent of our airplay. Mason recommends it stay as a web show, perhaps recruit some producers to help with content and further refine the show.

The Prize — Mike joined us here. CRZ liked the mix of music and local content, the interview went on a little long but was into it. Was concerned by the F bomb that went out over the air and felt that might potentially disqualify him. Mason said the second hour was more like a podcast (and he later converted it to an episode of his podcast). Could he host it live every week? Mason: “I’m not sure we want to air a podcast on the radio every week, even as we try to convert our radio into podcast form.” Interview content might not be the best fit for the timeslot…especially an interview that long. No concern that Danny’s a great host, but there was concern that he might not be there every week. Felix: “We can’t judge someone by the quality of their potential guest hosts.”

Collision Time/untitled Chris Berry project — He seemed ready to go, got his network to come out for him. Content was fine. Chris works with another show in Mankato, which may account for a lot of his network. The general consensus was that all of these hosts are either ready for air or close to ready. Mason thought the personality fit the music, and this was a rare time when he didn’t immediately recognise everything on the playlist. “It feels like a KFAI show right now” and would still fit on the schedule two years from now. Mason’s choice.

CRZ: I like Galactic Fantastic, but maybe not for Monday afternoon. I’d like to hear Hardly Listening again. I don’t think any of these choices would offend me.

Felix: I like Galactic Fantastic, but not if he can’t do it live.

Jay: None of these knocked my socks off….but I felt the same way about Jumondeh Tweh’s show. Can we keep putting podcasts in this slot? I can’t protest any of these shows in either slot.

Mason: Whatever our selection, we would revisit in six months.

Melissa: I really haven’t listened to enough of them to make a good decision. I like Galactic Fantastic.

Jess: I have nothing.

Felix: My runner-up is The Prize.

Mason: Any strong opinion? … Hearing none, let’s go with Chris for six months on a probationary position. Everybody else will be asked about Mixcloud.

19:25 Discussion over Saturday 3-5 pm timeslot — There were- only two applicants. CRZ volunteered that he had applied over the weekend, so make it three. Dameun and Radio Pocho had been approached about moving their shows, no bites yet. Caribbean Jam may want to move from 5pm to 3pm — again, might be nice to have Galactic Fantastic between Caribbean Jam and Temposphere. Mason has visions of a — well, not a *cohesive* Saturday block…but definitely a more cohesive one. He’ll probably make a push for more applicants (we’re all very surprised at the low level of interest in a great time slot!) and hopes that we could decide next meeting.

19:31 Melissa updated us on American Indian Month — they liked the idea of spreading out programming over the entire month — we’ve had some “open houses on air” and some current affairs programming. Both the Monday and Saturday open slots have been filled by this programming. It’s going very well! A new Facebook page was created. We’ve had rotating guest hosts, including folks from other stations (didn’t catch the name, someone from AM 970). Good carts! Mason said this year’s programming has been good and spreading out across the month has allowed for presentation of more reactive content. We’ve been able to create podcasts from this content as well — and it has been well received. It also creates the opportunity for future podcast content utilizing the newly created feeds. Melissa says we’ve had success building and rebuilding relationships through this project. And it’s been a lot of fun, and the listeners have been having fun!

19:37 Mason mentioned that AMPERS has received funding for programming related to COVID-19 aimed towards the Native community — half hour. He asked Robert Pilot), who has previously applied for a KFAI program, about his interest in presenting with the intent to broadcast it Wednesdays at 6PM. The current occupant, Indigineous Roots, has changed from a public affairs show to a purely music show — not the show as it was approved and not appropriate for a public affairs block. It is especially noticeable when contrasted with this month’s special programming. Citing the need from AMPERS, and the funding involved, Mason proposed temporarily moving Indigenous Roots to the web and allowing Robert Pilot to produce content for Wednesday 6PM-7PM, including the half hour of COVID-19 content. There was a general consensus that this would be a good plan moving forward.

19:46 Michael shared plans for the 24-Hour Metal Takeover special programming — guests, bands, different hosts for different blocks of time — COVID-19 has changed where folks will be, but we will still have bands in Studio 5 and all safety precautions will be taken. No outside people until after 6PM (after staff has left). Two bands — one will have their final performance before lineup changes — one will preview brand new tracks for an as-yet-unreleased album. Carts are in place! Zoom will be ready.

Now down to CRZ, Mason, Jay and Michael, we adjourned at 19:52.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher Robin Zimmerman