Content Advisory Committee Minutes – 7.11.19

Content Advisory Committee Minutes – 7.11.19

I Called to order at 7:11

Ron Thums, Mike Milligan, Michael Cyrs, Crystal Meisinger, Mason Butler, and Bruce Huisinga were present from staff and CAC.

Spider Hamilton, Bill Hansen, James Smrikarov, and Krista Wax were present volunteers.


II Tuesday morning 12am-2am and Thursday evening 10pm-12a slots


Mason proposed we all choose a top three for each time slot.


Michael voted for Roar of the Underground, Galactic Fantastic, and Faderz & Buttonz as his favorites without particular placement options – but mentioning that Roar would be excellent for Thursday nights. Bruce echoed Michael’s thoughts for top three.


Crystal voted for Roar on Thursday night with Galactic Fantastic replacing Roar’s current slot. She gave special mention to MSP Sound as well. Crystal mentioned Solid Foundations for MSP Sound’s replacement.


Mason agreed that Roar has done its time as an overnight, and thinks there’s enough of a calling to move it to Thursday nights. It could also lead nicely into Voice Cried Softly just after. He also mentioned that MSP Sound is ready for a two-hour slot over its current 90-minutes on Sunday evenings. Solid Foundations Mason’s top choice for Sunday nights from 10:30-midnight, replacing Krista.


Roar’s first show in the new slot will be Thursday August 1st, whereas MSP Sound will begin anew on Tuesday July 23rd. If Solid Foundations accepts, Chris’ll begin on July 21st, and Dameun would move in on August 3rd with Galactic Fantastic. The committee agreed that Dameun and Chris would be phoned by Crystal to inform them of the decision. Krista, James, and Bill were in attendance, so they got their good news on the spot!


Next we discussed how to go about giving feedback to the shows that didn’t make the cut. The committee agreed that Mason would send emails with feedback to those programs. Michael and Bruce also agreed to deliver any feedback they feel is necessary to help Mason and those particular hosts.


III Criteria for Program Reviews


As discussed at last month’s CAC, we want to take a more direct and different approach to how to review the schedule “How many programs do we want to review, and how do we want to go about it?” asked Crystal. Michael mentioned that at the previous CAC we’d discussed doing more of a general review instead of specific shows. Crystal suggested we focus on lower pledge totals as well as the recently signed programmer agreements: “We don’t want it to be a headhunt.” Ron said that time slots have a particular effect on yields, and that that should be considered.


Before Dale departed, he had created a survey that asked specific questions about shows meant for just this kind of thing. We’ll be checking on the show, seeing if it honors its abstract, seeing if its choice of music reflects what it claims, checking where they’re sourcing music from (YouTube skips on the computer in S4, which is a dead giveaway), and where it fits into KFAI’s mission and framework. Also, does the host seem to care that they have an audience? Mason is going to share some of these criteria with us, all of which we’ll consider during review.


Ron inquired about next steps and what actions we’ll take once we identify shows that need help or coaching. Mason referred to potential problem shows as being on an “on watch” status. We all agreed that there’s certainly not going to be any hard stops for anyone’s particular program, however we don’t want to be too lax. 90 days seems like a good amount of time between a show being notified about “on watch” and another secondary review.


In terms of a “3 strike” system, the host not honoring things that were signed in the recent host agreement could be a first strike. The second strike could be the CAC making a comment after first review. Ron mentioned that we need more criteria and pieces of advice to encourage and improve shows, not just warn and frighten hosts. Listening back to shows is an excellent way to work on shows that need help, mentioned Spider.


So what are we doing before next CAC? Low pledge drive total shows in top time slots (6am to 8pm, Monday thru Saturday, discluding shows that haven’t had a pledge drive) that make less than $300 are our first focus. Given this criteria, all members of the committee (plus Rob) will need to review 3 shows, which seems more fair than “everyone tackle the whole schedule all at once.”


The committee randomly selected 3 shows for each member of the committee. The members then had assignments of shows to listen to for review. We also decided not to prioritize listening to the same show date as a team in case of overlap. The CAC decided not to meet in August since it will be two days after Summer Pledge Drive. Thus, the September 12th CAC meeting will be packed to the brim with discussion on this matter.


IV Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm