Chaka Mkali Talks Vinyl, Visual Art and Library Gig on KFAI’s Radio Pocho

*** Chaka Mkali, aka I Self Devine, is a rapper, visual artist and racial justice trainer working in the Twin Cities. He’s also the June 2022 featured artist with Hennepin County Library’s Vinyl Revival, charged with hand-picking vinyl album selections for the library’s listening room at the Minneapolis Central location. As part of Mkali’s library residency, he’s leading a virtual discussion and spinning his vinyl picks on June 16. Mkali joined Terrell LaMarr on Radio Pocho to talk about vinyl collecting, musical influences, crate digging etiquette and more. Listen here: Hennepin County Library’s Vinyl Revival virtual discussion featuring Chaka Mkali is Thursday, June 16 at 7:00 pm. Register here.