Fri.Aug.15 on CATALYST: MN Water vs. PolyMet Sulfide Mines

PolyMet proposes sulfide mining in northern Minnesota: near Lake Superior, the Boundary Waters and Native American lands. About 350 jobs would be created for 20 years v. toxic pollution in precious water systems for 500+ years, says, WATER LEGACY's Paula Maccabee.

Guest youth intern ANISH AGGARWAL interviews Ms. Maccabee and also shares his own commentary about poaching of animals threatened with extinction such as rhinos and elephants.


In the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri  police shooting murder of Mike Brown and the recent NYC police murder of Eric Garner by illegal choke-hold caught on video this spring, more people are concerned about police abuses of power. In the Twin Cities an organization has worked on this isue since 1999: COMMUNTIES UNITED AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY. They've supported individual victims and families of loved ones killed by police, helping eith legal representation and law suites. CUAPB also works on policies from racial profiling to dash cameras in police cars. Now, they are working with the Committee For Professional Policing (CFPP) to get a referendum on the ballot for Minneapolis police to be required to ahve individual liability insurance. If too many brutality complaints are made and an officer can no longer be insured, they no longer have a job. This SUN. AUG. 17, 10AM TO 4PM, on East Franklin Ave. in south MInneapolis (during OPEN STREETS), CFPP  will be getting signatures to put this liability insurance on the ballot.

EVERY SAT. 1:30pm COMMUNITIES UNITED AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY meets, activst ctr. at 4200 Cedar Ave. South, Minneapolis CUAPB Hotline: (612)874-STOP

(Communities United Against Police Brutality is on Facebook)

***FRI.AUG. 22, 6pm to 9pm: Free film "FREE ANGELA AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS", CAPRI THEATER, 2027 West Boradway, north Minneapolis

new documentary film about lifelong African-American activist and scholar ANGELA DAVIS. Get a preview of this amazing woman on the FRI.AUG. 22, 9am edition of CATALYST:politics & culture on KFAI.