Call for Program Abstracts – 2021

Call for Program Abstracts – 2021


Several on-air shifts are currently available on KFAI for both music and public affairs programs, including Friday 6pm-7pm (public affairs) and Thursday 2am-4am (music).

Applicants for this opening may be offered an alternate schedule opening if this one is fulfilled by an existing KFAI show. They may also be considered for inclusion on one of our online streams or as a podcast.

Historically, a record of KFAI volunteerism and on-air certification has proven advantageous in the competitive program selection process.

All KFAI volunteers and community members are eligible to apply for openings in the program schedule. The Content Advisory Committee will consider all proposals submitted.

Applicants should understand that the committee has a strong overall preference for proposals from active volunteers who have completed the On-Air Certification course, but given the limited opportunities for board training in 2020, concessions can and will be made for otherwise qualified applicants.


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