CAC Meeting Minutes – July 2021

In attendance: Chris, Umar, Brendan, Jay, Ben For KFAI: Mason Board liaison: TJ Others: Cari Ness Absent: Jessica, Melissa 1. 6:30pm – Call to Order/Attendance Zoom was up and running at 6:35 – called to order at 6:36 2. 6:32pm – Review/approve previous CAC minutes 6:38pm – Minutes were approved 3. 6:35pm – Discussion of GM/Leadership for future CAC meetings 6:38 – Daniel has resigned, effective 11 July. He is heading back to the east coast. We all wish him well and will continue to stalk him on Spotify and LinkedIn. Cari is here! She’s here to mostly listen. Everyone in the Zoom introduced themselves. Of note, Brendan announced he would soon relocate to Boston but hoped to continue to work remotely for the committee to the completion of his term. 4. 6:40pm – Update on open timeslots (including proposed timeslot movements by existing shows) 6:49 – Sunday 11am-12pm: Mason said that Daniel had been working on some English language Hmong programming, but recent emails in the thread lead to a potential podcast as opposed to an on-air show. Jovita reached out again asking about a return of La Voz del Pueblo, but only once a month. Mason wondered if we could use both shows in the slot as podcast rebroadcasts if neither wanted to commit to weekly broadcasts. Given our paucity of applications, a split between bimonthly shows might be the way to go with TBD/Wave Project Extra for months with five Sundays. Sunday 10:30PM-12midnight – Encores of “classic audio theatre” programming is currently running unannounced while we wait to replace Solid Foundations. Feedback has been light but positive. Wednesday 6-7PM and Friday 6-7PM – currently running AMPERS programming and not sure how many contracted broadcasts remain. Still hoping for public affairs content for these slots. 5. 6:50pm – Review submitted abstracts Mason says more people have said they’ve applied, but he hasn’t seen them and can’t find them. We currently have an abstract from Illwin for “No Tea No Shade” – a pride programmer, the attached audio didn’t match the abstract so Mason requested another. Abbi is looking to switch slots – Ollie has left Radio Vortex, effectively breaking up the program. Abbi wants to play entirely new and punk music (as opposed to Ollie’s more “classic” punk tracks) – she has requested the Sunday 10:30PM slot as a live broadcast. This would free up Tuesday 2-4AM. Abbi told Mason she submitted an application but he can’t find it and has sent out an email for clarification. Mason says were Everything Minnesota Music to move to the Radio Vortex slot, we could boast a six hour local music block of Spin With Cyn, MSP Sound and EMM. Mason says an additional application has been submitted from (Sarah?) which we also can’t locate. Chris asked if anything had happened with Al Ware’s bid for Sunday 11am – he hasn’t followed up but we also may not have followed up with him. Mason would prefer public affairs in the slot. Jay says he hopes we have some flexibility to act as a “lab” and do some “experimenting.” TJ asked again about giving priority to existing hosts, specifically to letting Abbi make her move. If we had an abstract today, it probably could have been decided today. Chris added that she contributes a large amount of volunteer hours outside her show. Mason said we could make the motion now unless there was objection. The ayes had it. Ben wanted to think about if he wanted to move from 4am to 2am. This may mean we have an overnight slot to consider refilling – it wasn’t mentioned in the meeting, but Chris is a big proponent of rebroadcasting FA2’s “Chosen By The Funk” on air. Mason mentioned a time swap proposal was made from Poetry, Science & Wrestling, asking if they could move to a morning slot if one became available. Mason talked to several 8am hosts to gauge interest and found that Doug Cain had interest – this would move PSW to Wednesday 8-10am and Global Beat to Thursday 2-4pm. This would mesh better with the personal schedules of both hosts. Nobody saw any problems with this. TJ looks forward to some crazy carts heralding the time swaps. Ben asked for clarification on the future plans for Sunday 11am – Mason reiterated the idea of a split between La Voz Del Pueblo and as yet undetermined program targeted to the Hmong community. 6. 6:55pm – Finalize review process / assign program reviews 7:15 – Before he left, Daniel updated our review form for critical listening. Mason says he’s planning to have assignments in place on the CAC Bandcamp by the end of the week, with the intent that the CAC complete their assignments (listening to at least two of each assigned program) in time for the next meeting. Assigned listeners would start new topics in the Basecamp on a per show basis. 7. 7:20pm – Public comment until Cari didn’t have anything to add. 8. 7:30pm – Adjourn 7:33PM – Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Christopher Robin Zimmerman