Misha Bartlett 2021 (B)

        T.J. Larson 2020-21 (E)

        Michael Milligan 2021-22 (E) President

        David Orenstein 2021-22 (E) Secretary

        Bianca Rhodes 2020-21 (E)

        Stacey Taylor 2020-21 (B) Vice-President

        Ahmed Wassie 2021 (B)

(E) Elected, (B) Board-appointed


KFAI’s Board of Directors welcomes your input via email. We encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page.

General Board meetings

The KFAI Board of Directors normally meets on the fourth Monday of each month. For safety, meetings are held online via Zoom at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise announced. Members of the public are encouraged to attend – advance registration is required. Contact via email to register.
Minutes, reports, and materials

Minutes from the meetings are available through the links below.

KFAI Board Minutes and Materials (2008-present) (Drive)

KFAI Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

KFAI Bylaws (PDF)

KFAI, Fresh Air Inc. Governance Policy (PDF)

KFAI Board Orientation Packet (PDF)

KFAI Diversity Statement (PDF)


KFAI Reports and Financials

Audited Financial Statement 2020 (PDF)

Federal Form 990 2020 (PDF)

Audited Financial Statement 2019 (PDF)

Federal Form 990 2019 (PDF)


Community Advisory Board:

KFAI’s Community Advisory Board convenes at least once annually, with notifications being made on-air, over email, and on the website. KFAI invites the public to participate as members in each meeting rather than operating with restricted membership. Please email contact@kfai.org to be notified about KFAI’s next Community Advisory Board meeting.