BIG3 basketball league announces new sponsorship deal with Toyota!

BIG3 basketball league announces new sponsorship deal with Toyota!

Los Angeles, CA – The popular  BIG3 , three on three basketball league announced that they have signed a major sponsorship deal with Toyota. Among many features of the deal , Toyota’s new sponsorship will feature a “Rav 4 point circle” on the BIG3 basketball courts around the nation. That will be one of 3 circles which BIG3 players can attempt the epic 4 point shot.


“There’s no doubt BIG3 is a premier sponsorship destination for major global brands. ” said BIG3 Co-Founder Ice Cube, during the announcement. “Going into our 3rd season, interest in the BIG3 from brands and demand from players and fans hase been incredible, yet not surprising to see”. “Toyota’s partnership with BIG3 is a further continuation of the company’s commitment to innovation across the board as well as to fan-driven programs”, said Samantha Goot, General Manager of media and engagement marketing at Toyota Motor North. She also said , “The increasing popularity of the BIG3 allows an exciting opportunity for Toyota to create new engagement opportunities with the expanding fan base and unique ways to further amplify the game.”


Along with the Rav 4 Point Circle , Toyota’s sponsorship deal with the BIG3 also includes a Rav 4 giveaway that will be done at the end of the season. It will be presented by a BIG3 player who makes the most 4 point shots in the season. Other parts of the deal include branded hospitality suites, on-site activation’s, brand placement via arena scoreboards , and more.


The first two seasons of the BIG3 in 2017 and 2018,  had fans excited and thrilled across the nation with the gritty , competitive basketball play. All while featuring some of the biggest and most iconic names in professional sports. As a response to the huge demand from fans and players in 2019, the league recently announced they are growing from 8 team to 12 teams. That will increase the total number of former NBA players on the league from 48 to 72. Games will be played 2 nights per week in 18 cities over the length of the season with 3 games played per venue.


In addition to Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, the league will continue to be guided by Commissioner Clyde Drexler and Chairman Amy Trask.



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