General Program Submissions

Submit a program idea at any time by clicking here and filling out the application form.

Current Abstract Requests

None at this time.

Content Advisory Committee Meetings and Contact Information

The Content Advisory Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm in KFAI’s Studio 5. To contact the Content Advisory Committee, email the Programming Manager

KFAI Programmer Handbook

The KFAI Programmer Handbook outlines the roles, responsibilities, and rules for all organization members involved in KFAI programming.

Applying for a Program

The process by which a program goes from concept to the air is described in the KFAI Programmer Handbook. A key step is to complete a program abstract (application) and submit the abstract and a demo for your program to the Programing Manager. Contact the KFAI Programming Manager if you have questions not answered in the abstract form.

Content Advisory Group Description

The Content Advisory Committee works with KFAI’s Program Director to guide decisions related to KFAI’s programming.  The committee includes KFAI’s General Manager, Program Director and the Board of Directors’ Vice-President of Programming, along with three volunteers elected by the KFAI community.

Program Committee Members

Board of Directors Representative

Mike Milligan

General Manager 

Leah Honsky

Interim Program Director 

Mason Butler

Volunteer-elected members 

Michael Cyrs – 2018-2020

Sarah Eldred – 2018 – 2020

Sam Jasmine – 2018 – 2020


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