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KFAI Fresh Air Radio
1808 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Office Phone: 612-341-3144
Studio Phone: 612-341-0980

If you are interested in KFAI sponsoring an event, please contact Sam Stahlmann. Please include as many details as possible in your request.

If you are interested in submitting a Public Service Announcement, please read the KFAI PSA Guidelines first.

Staff Directory

Daniel Banks
General Manager
612-341-3144 x23







Debra Gonsioroski
Membership & Office Manager
612-341-3144 x21



Mason Butler



Mason Butler
Underwriting, Sponsorship & Content Manager
612-341-3144 x22



Sam Stahlmann
Director of Development & Marketing
612-341-3144 x24









Nora Doherty
Underwriting Associate





Katie Thornton
Underwriting Associate





Abbi Allan
Volunteer Music Library Director
612-341-3144 x15


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