• Chris Edwards 2019-20 (E) Secretary
  • Jamie Edwards 2019-20 (B)
  • Sam Griffiths 2018-19 (B) Vice-president
  • T.J. Larson 2018-19 (E)
  • Michael Milligan 2019-20 (E)
  • David Orenstein 2019-20 (B)
  • Jacque Pokorney 2019-20 (E) President
  • Bianca Rhodes 2018-19 (E)
  • Gabriel Rios 2019-20 (E)
  • Quinn Villagomez 2018-19 (B)
  • Steve Wilson 2018-19 (E) Treasurer

(E) Elected, (B) Board-appointed


KFAI’s Board of Directors welcomes your input via email. We encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page.

General Board meetings

The KFAI Board of Directors normally meets on the fourth Monday of each month. Meetings are held at the KFAI offices in Studio 5, 1808 Riverside Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454 at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise announced. Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Committee meetings

Committee meetings are open to the public.

These committees meet regularly at the following times, please email board@kfai.org or call interim General Manager Ron Thums at (612) 341-3144 ext 23 for location updates and more information:

    • Leadership Committee: Third Monday of the month 6:30-7:30 p.m. Generally meets at Sister Sludge Coffee Cafe, 38th St..
    • Content Advisory Committee: Second Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00 p.m. at KFAI, Studio 5. You can find the meeting minutes here.



Minutes, reports, and materials

Minutes from the meetings are available through the links below.

KFAI Board Minutes and Materials (2008-present)

KFAI Reports and Financials

KFAI Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

KFAI Bylaws (PDF)

KFAI Strategic Plan (PDF)

KFAI Strategic Plan Working group page (work concluded)

KFAI, Fresh Air Inc. Governance

KFAI, Fresh Air Inc. Whistleblower Policy (PDF)

KFAI, Board Orientation Packet 

 kfaiarticlesofincorpapproved.pdf 14.92 KB
 kfaigovernancepolicyjune2011.pdf 84.62 KB
 kfaiwhistleblowingpolicyfinal.pdf 25.38 KB
2011kfaiboardorientationpacketfinal.pdf 5.5 MB
 kfaistrategicplan2012.pptx 176.5 KB
 bylawsoffreshair-proposed_merged_final_text.pdf 129.54 KB
 bylaws_-_executive_summary_of_changes.pdf 49.66 KB
 2017_contributing_bod_ballot.pdf 33.25 KB
2017_participating_bod_ballot_update_11-28.pdf 52.96 KB