A Peak Behind The Curtain Of Playboy

A Peak Behind The Curtain Of Playboy

…or would that be, “A Peak Up The Skirt” of Playboy.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

For those of you who know me as the host of the KFAI web-exclusive program, The Fun Time Music Festival, you may know that I have two dubious distinctions.  One is that I used to work for Playboy Television. The second is that I got fired from Playboy Television.  I wish I could say that I got fired for some scandalous incident, but that was not the case.

Regardless, my brief stint at Playboy was memorable.  

One of the interesting things about Playboy was that each month, each employee got to meet the Playmate Of The Month.  The only one I remember meeting was Shauna Sand. She’s mostly known for being sexual partners with the B grade actor, Lorenzo Lamas.

Another interesting thing was that much of the commissioned art for the magazine was framed and hanging on the walls of the office.  It was like working in an art museum. There was some really cool paintings in there. There was this masterpiece by Leroy Neiman of an early 60’s cocktail lounge.  If I were ever to become a cat burglar, that would be the painting I would steal. It was huge too. It had to have been 5 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

One might assume that working at Playboy was something akin to an episode of “Mad Men”–a bunch of womanizing men, smoking cigars and drinking scotch.  Nothing could have been further from the truth. Of all the employees there, about half were women. Of the other half that were men, at least 70% were gay.  The business of Playboy was all about glamour. Straight males are not the best at that. Besides, if any rank and file employee had a scheme to make it with a playmate or even a young woman auditioning to be a playmate, that would be grounds for termination.  If there was any “gettin’ it on” with the playmates, you had to be way higher up the food chain, if you know what I mean.

For another interesting tale from Playboy Television, you can click the link below to hear one of the stories I told during a broadcast of The Fun Time Music Festival.  To hear more mildly interesting anecdotes like these, you may want to check out The Fun Time Music Festival on the KFAI Mobile App.  You’ll hear some rockin’ good music and some fun stories being told.