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KFAI's Fall Membership Drive - Thanks for Your Support!

Oct 03 2015

The call-in part of KFAI's Fall Membership Drive ended with a rousing  listener response to our late Friday evening shows Jet Set Planet and  Crap From The Past.  


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KFAI Hosts To Join Blues Hall of Fame

Oct 07 2015

On Sunday, October 11th, three of KFAI’s finest will be honored at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon as Jacquie Maddix, Harold Tremblay and Joel Johnson are inducted into the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame.

The celebration takes place at 1pm on Sunday, October 11, at Wilebski’s (1638 Rice Street, St. Paul) 

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Bicycle Alliance of MN Talks Bike-friendly Policy with the Morning Blend

Sep 29 2015

Wednesday, September 30, Indeed Brewing Company will host another edition of "Indeed We Can," a series of charitable drinking events benefiting local organizations, as selected by brewery employees.  Proceeds from this week's event will go to the Bicycle Alliance of MN.  Dorian Grilley, Executive Director of The Bicycle Alliance of MN spoke with KFAI's Ryan Dawes on the Tuesday Morning Blend about bike-friendly infrastructure and laws, winter biking survival gear, and bicyle safety.  

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