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Find Us At The Fair

KFAI broadcasts LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair. 

Look for KFAI at the AMPERS booth in the Education Building between 9am and 9pm on Friday, August 28th. 

Featured shows: Catalyst, Fubar Omniverse, Groovin' Plenty, Louisiana Rhythms, Sugar Shop, Hmong FM, Crap From The Past

Like a great piece of Minnesota State Fair Crop Art, KFAI programs are entirely composed of natural materials, lovingly assembled by hand. 


Radio Husbandry

Like FFA members at the Minnesota State Fair, we cultivate our programs with care to make sure listeners will judge them to be "best in show."     

Time Tested

KFAI Shows Judged Best At Fair (says KFAI)

Aug 28 2015

KFAI has launched its 2015 Minnesota State Fair experience with a succession of superb broadcasts.  

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Danielle Grant on First Person Radio 8/26/15

Aug 25 2015

Panel Debates Nuclear Deal

Aug 25 2015

A global agreement regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Nuclear Program is currently under review by the U.S. Congress. An attempt to block the deal is expected to emerge in the Senate.

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