Volunteer Resources for 2014


KFAI Training Class Applications

  • Board Certification Course Mondays (12-2 p.m.) Oct. 4th-Nov. 1st, 2014, or Saturdays (12-2 p.m.) Oct. 6th-Nov. 3rd, 2014. This five-week course always fills up. Each of the two classes is limited to five (5) participants. An Online Application can be found here. Paper applications are posted at KFAI on the bulletin board outside the Music Library. If you're interested in the class or have questions, email the Program Director (miguelvargas@kfai.org) so he knows you are interested. Applications due Monday, September 29th.


  • For current KFAI Board Certified Volunteers and Programmers: "Programmers' Handbook" (PDF)
  • WAVE Project Application PDF


Station Information for Volunteers

To find out about open volunteer positions, see the Volunteer FAQ page and scroll down.
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