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What is Underwriting...

Underwriting announcements provide 20 to 30 seconds for you to increase awareness of your business to KFAI's loyal and dedicated listenership.

Why Underwrite?

  • Target the markets you want to reach. The diversity of music and public affairs programmed on KFAI enables your announcement to reach several different target groups throughout the day, maximizing your exposure.
  • Increase the visibility of your company. Underwriting provides you a high profile among KFAI's loyal and highly-desirable audience.
  • Strengthen your corporate image. Show your association with and support of KFAI's commitment to community, education, and public service. National studies have shown that listeners build a more positive image of a company that underwrites on public radio.
  • Smart, affordable, and effective use of your marketing and public relations dollars.
  • Create long-term positioning and awareness.
  • Enhance employee pride. Show your employees your sense of commitment to the community - they'll feel good about working for a company that supports their community.
  • Compliment existing ad campaigns. Reinforce your overall marketing strategies. Include KFAI in your media mix.
  • Listeners appreciate the "non-commercial" language of underwriting announcements in an uncluttered environment. They are well aware that you are supporting their favorite programs. The audience listens more intently to the 3-4 announcements read live by our community programmers per hour than the 15-17 minutes of advertising on most commercial radio.
  • Show your support for diverse radio programming. KFAI has been broadcasting for the community since 1978, with something for everyone. We have 91 locally produced programs per week.
  • Tax Benefits. By underwriting on KFAI, your announcements are tax deductible as a charitable donation to a non-profit. Or, you may write off underwriting expenses as advertising on your income taxes.

Underwriting Guidelines

Your 20 to 30 second on-air sponsorship message may be used to:

  • Describe your business or organization.
  • Identify products and/or services provided by your company.
  • Communicate the corporate philosophy of your business.
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to KFAI's community and educational missions.*

Your underwriting message may include any or all of the following:

  • Who you are.
  • Brief description of your products and or services.
  • Corporate slogan.
  • Brand and trade names.
  • How long you've been in business.
  • Your address, phone number, web site and e-mail addresses.

Just the facts, no opinions.Your underwriting message may not include:

  • Comparative, qualitative or promotional language.
  • Calls to action.
  • Pricing, discounts, endorsements.
  • Inducements to buy, sell or lease.
  • Religious or political language.*

The adherence to these FCC regulations serves to protect the non-commercial content that KFAI's and Independent Public Radio listener's value.

Customized Schedule & Rates

You choose the audience you want to target with your message. Then we'll be happy to create a customized underwriting package to meet your needs and budget. Rates depend upon the number of announcements and the time of day your messages are broadcast.

Together, we will create a partnership and underwriting schedule that best fits your needs.

For more specifics and questions you may have about underwriting with KFAI, contact:

Katie Thornton
Underwriting Account Executive
1808 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
612-341-3144 ext. 22
email: kthornton@kfai.org


For events & sponsorships contact:

Jackson Buck
Events & Sponsorships Director
1808 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
612-341-3144 ext. 24
email: jacksonbuck@kfai.org

Let your community support your business. Let them know you support KFAI!