October 2016 Archives

This program presents the second and final part of “Del barroco al fandango, de ida y vuelta”, a foretaste of the “Fandango Barroco” concert by the Mexican ensemble Tembembe in Minneapolis on October 13th. 

Eric Foss of Sonny Knight's Lakers and Secret Stash records joins Liberty and Izzy to preview Sonny's new release "Sooner or Later" and spin other soul faves. We also celebrate Tommy Stinson's 50th b-day and remember Rod Temperton.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Midnight Rider sez:  This week, instead of crying, the Voice rrrroared: "BIGFOOT!")  Yeah, the back-to-back Bigfeet have aired on these waves before, but it HAS been awhile… so do the Bigfoot Boogie, and don't stop when those huge Unidentified Flying Lips appear in the sky… kick it up a notch, 'cuz there's all sorts of Reasons To Be Cheerful!