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A bunch of songs, a variety of genres…etc. etc. etc.

Portrait of the famed journalist, suffragette, critic, and writer.

Award-winning actress, singer, and dancer Jasmine Guy, who stars in “Raisin’ Cane” with the acclaimed Avery Sharpe Trio at The O’Shaughnessy, as part of the Women of Substance series. "Raisin’ Cane: A Harlem Renaissance Odyssey” celebrates and honors the legendary voices of the Harlem Renaissance through text, song, music, movement, and imagery.

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In Your Ear for Angie and The Nighthawk this week, it's once again… Norrie Morse!  With, among other things, two entirely different tunes called "Margarita" …one by a band called The Cruel Sea, and the next by a guy named Danny Flores. As "Chuck Rio," Danny blew big, raunchy honkin' sax with The Champs, and with his later band The Originals. His "Margarita" is solidly in the tradition of his Champs hit "Tequila" with "Maaadegaadeee-taaaa!" the operative word at the breaks, intoned as only Rio could.

The RSST Nutshell – 3/5/15