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In Anticipation of Peter Guralnick's L-o-n-g Awaited Biography of SAM PHILLIPS It's a Celebration of SUN Records!!!

An unflinching conversation about recovery as a mother of young kids, Bottled explains the perils moms face with drinking and chronicles the author’s path to recovery, from hitting bottom to the months of early sobriety—a blur of pain and chaos—to her now (in)frequent moments of peace.

Punctuated by potent, laugh-out-loud sarcasm, Bottled offers practical suggestions on how to be a sober, present-in-the-moment mom, one day at a time, and provides much needed levity on an issue too often treated with deadly seriousness.

Pete McCauley of Hounds of Finn (in studio) and Ian Byrne of The Elders (phone in) talking about upcoming double concert date, touring Ireland, and bands' makeup.