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ALL-CHRISTMAS THURSDAY PART DOS!! Great “leftover” Christmas music with: Robert Robinson, Ken Wanovich, Tonia Hughes, New Song Kids Choir, Kimberly Brown, Dianne Porter, Heart Song and HOTC Band! You won’t hear this music anywhere else!!

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SUPERBLY PLAYED, LISTENERS. Superbly played! Thanks very much, each & all of you.

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2014: Twenty-two weeks of TMOYM. Twenty-one unique episodes handcrafted by Colin of Liverpool as he created each mind-teasing, ear-tickling, heart-thrumming, music-loving puzzle for our TMOYM listeners. One encore presentation. Dozens & dozens of grey hairs for Producer Libby, across the pond in Minneapolis. Here's the last of this year's leyline prizes. We hope that you keep playing our mixtape game with us during 2015.

The RSST Nutshell – 1/1/15

Producer: Paul Brohaugh

Music Host / Engineer:  Mark Koerner

News Host: Robert Easley 

Happy New Year from African Rhythms! A special show with the Siama Matuzungidi trio (Siama with Dallas Johnson and Mikkel Beckman) live in the studio.