August 2015 Spin with Cyn Archives

Ryan Bouchey​ and Rachel Michienzi​ joined, spinning in the theme of: unexpected and little known covers – many by punk, post-punk, glam, garage, old blues and soul and more! A very fun show!

Legendary musician Johnny Rey and his wife, Sharon Samels joined SWC as special guests, spinning songs from his first band Flamingo, and a Johnny Rey single and Johnny Rey and the Reaction as well as songs by fellow musician friends from the Longhorn Bar era such as Curtiss A, The Suburbs, and favorites. They shared stories of the Longhorn Bar, and his music. They had a benefit and Birthday Bash the following Sunday to help Johnny offset medical costs and celebrate life with friends and musicians he's performed with over the years.

Miki Mosman aka DJ Tricky Miki and a musician/singer and film-maker returned to SWC as my guest for a special "Ramblin' On" edition, as she moves to San Francisco to pursue her art and further adventures.