May 2015 Spin with Cyn Archives

Chris Osgood (Suicide Commandos), Hugo Klaers (The Suburbs) – performing with Sub-Commandos, and Al Wodtke, Longhorn Bar Manager/Booker, and Greg Gehring, Longhorn Bar staff and Peter Jesperson (Oar Folk Record Store manager, Longhorn Bar DJ and Twin/Tone Records co-founder) joined Spin with Cyn sharing songs and stories from the Longhorn, Oar Folk and Twin/Tone and more.

NNB (1975 – 1980+) members Wayne Hasti (also Ben Day Dots, Hot Pastrami and many more), Dick Champ (also The Scene is Now New York No Wave band) and Jim Tollefsrud (also with Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs, Safety Last, Nikki and Her Ruemates) joined Spin with Cyn, sharing songs and stories Longhorn Bar era – in celebration of the Longhorn Reunion at First Ave. Saturday – and before and after Longhorn era. Many songs were never released, heard exclusively on Spin with Cyn today!

The Telescopes' Stephen Lawrie joined Spin with Cyn, sharing stories and songs of the Telescopes, his music and artists he's collaborated with and who have inspired him.

Musician Sho Nikaido of Celica (formerly Seated Heat and Sweet J.A.P.) and his fiance, DJ Jeri Casler joined Spin with Cyn, sharing stories of performing since 1992, spinning new Celica in celebration of their first live show at the Kitty Cat Klub, Seated Heat, a Sweet J.A.P. 45, and favorites such as Lou Reed, The Stooges, Can, Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, John Lennon and Yoko Ono and more. We also spun brand new Fury Things, Pornono, GOASST.