August 2015 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show Archives

Kristina was out of town teaching a workshop and couldn't make it in to KFAI to produce this week's show. She selected a show of tientos from May of this year, and she decicates it to Teo D' Oro, Rafaela del Sol, María Luisa, and Juana María who have an important tientos audition this week.

It's back to bulerias for the students K Kara's free Saturday morning palmas (percussive flamenco handclapping) class at Anda Flamenco School. 

Kristina revisits a show featuring the palo of alegrías, and dedicates it to Anda's beginning class who will have their performance debut dancing an alegrías they learned this year in Jerez (tweaked by Kristina). This show also features a segment of an interview with guitarist/guitar-maker Arcadio Marin.

Due to something Kristina did or didn't do, this show never made it to the web. A replay is scheduled on September 10 .