November 2013 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show Archives

Kristina plays super-slow, sentimental tangos, and she also chats with Melinda Hedgecorth, a dancer visiting from Sevilla, about Melinda's first years of flamenco study in America and in Spain.

Dancer Melinda Hedgecorth talks about how she found her way to the south of Spain, and Kristina plays tangos de Malaga and farruca.

Dancer Melinda Hedgecorth talks about how to set up your own performance in Spain, and Kristina plays tientos old and new.

It's a turkey-trot, flamenco-style. Kristina plays music to cook turkey (or whatever) by, and she and dancer Melinda Hedgecorth conclude their conversation, during which Melinda announces her engagement to a Spanish gentleman.