January 2015 Across The Board Archives

Symbols Of The New Moon


Synthwaves has the show w DJ SLT taking a night off on ATB.  Lots great tracks as well as an interview with Detroit artist Phaserland about his new album Electric Atlantic. The album brings the listeners on a global futuristic monorail trip filled with New 80s pop funk style.  Many collaborations from several awesome artists included on the album as well.  In addition to the interview tons of music on the show including soundtrack, aor, synth, RnB, and pop-pop goes the weasel.

Bizzare Noise

90's heavy episode of ATB. I smell an all 90's episode coming soon….

enjoy, DJ SLT



Digital Massace

Industrial, synth, butt rock, alt rock, and a little neo folk. Just because.

The debut of a track by Souless Affection, featuring Claus from Leaether Strip.

Enjoy, DJ SLT