September 2013 Across The Board Archives

DJSLT has the night off and Noah Kaufmann host of the KFAI webcast “Synthwaves” takes over Across the Board. The show opens with an exclusive unreleased Robots with Rayguns track followed by a live interview with Lucas Patrick Smith the musician/artist behind Robots with Rayguns. Through blazing neon sunsets and rides through love, action and glory the show takes a dark turn. The darker (but awesome) side of the synth scene is explored through the sounds of Jarred H, PowerGlove, Vercetti Technicolor and Megadrive. Ultimately 80s Stallone pulls us back in to the world of light as he unleashes Cobretti. Then we ride off into the abyss of synthscapes only to arrive at a new dawn. In true DJSLT style, this episode takes you on a journey to a new dimension of sound! Enjoy!

Across The Crypt

Surprise! You’re Dead! (hosted by David Wiley)