June 2013 Archives

A fond farewell to the “out”-going Lord Mayor of Bristol; A peek between the 1920s Paris pages of “The Last Nude”; “Dykes” take Pride in their first Long Beach march; Britain’s Commons makes marriage equality the Lords’ work, Australia’s former P.M. surprisingly calls for parity, Puerto Rico passes LGBT anti-bias protections, and more global LGBT news

Europe’s gay ruggers take the pitch in Bristol; A California Senator vows to defeat Boy Scout bias; Nigeria lawmakers punish LGBT people and their advocates with 10 years in prison, but the first French gay couple makes it legal, the push for marriage equality stalls in Australia and the U.S. state of Illinois, rights marches make history in Croatia and the Ukraine, and more news

2003’s US Supreme Court sodomy ruling puts the present in perspective; U.K. marriage equality gets the Lords’ blessing, Evangelical American Lutherans choose a gay indigenous bishop, Germany’s highest court orders tax equity for same-gender couples, Pride parades in Changsa, Sao Paulo, Salt Lake City and Tel Aviv, arrests are finally made in the Israeli city’s 2009 LGBT youth group killings, and more global news

Yesterday’s U.K. “Gay News” makes history again; Pride’s history is revealed in two “Rainbow Minutes”; Larry Kramer and Billy Porter star at the Tonys; Bigotry is unanimous in Russia’s Duma, murderous homophobes stalk France’s streets, Nepal’s largest LGBT group gets belated government approval, Prince Harry saves a gay soldier from the infantry, and more!

U.S. bi-national same-gender couples on the brink vow to say “I Do”; A bill to recognize foreign lesbigay marriages fails in Australia, Russia adds an adoptions ban to its growing anti-gay record, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Shanghai celebrate Pride, Brazil’s anti-rights Rights chair moves to make gays and lesbians sick again, an ex-gay group is now just an ex-group, and more LGBT news